Bookmap Ecosystem

Car history
on blockchain
Aggregator of car
service providers
booking system
Convenient CRM system
for car services
IoT/M2M technologies
in automotive industry

Project status

Closed Presale
MVP development

Key ideas of the project

Bookmap Ecosystem

The improvement of the automotive service market and the sale-and-purchase market of used vehicles by creating reliable car history on blockchain, using advanced IoT/M2M information technology. To get access to the largest number of cars, we are designing a global platform where we will unite car service providers.

Bookmap Aggregator

Convenience of booking various automotive services for car owners from any part of the globe and in an interactive mode.

Bookmap CRM

A useful tool for doing business and business promotion in the field of automotive service.

Bookmap Mileage Counter

A communication device with our platform based on GPS/IoT/M2M technologies, which is mounted in a car, reads information on car mileage from your car computer and transmits it to the Bookmap server.

When a car needs maintenance
A car owner finds the service through Bookmap
A mechanic records the repair detail and mileage in CRM
The verification system receives the data from CRM
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Mileage Counter
Improved sale-and-purchase car market
Full car history in the form of ready-to-use reports
After verification, the data is recorded in blockchain
The system verifies the data with the data already available
Inaccurate car history
Difficulty in receiving a service
An overpriced or underpriced service
Weak customer service
Creating full and reliable history!
All car services in one place!
Car service at a modern level!
Competition over each customer

How does it work?

Bookmap Ecosystem

The elements of Bookmap Ecosystem are interconnected and work on blockchain to fulfil the main goals, i.e., reliable car history and simplification of receiving car service.

Bloc k chain Agg r egator CRM Assistant Car Histo r y Сhec k er Mileage Counter Sma r tp a y BKM T o k en Change W allet

Data sources for blockchain

In order to compile reliable car history we are going to collect data from various sources, verify these data and place the data into blockchain for further implementation.

A car service Car dealers Insurance companies Road Administration Department Mileage Counter Configuration and verification of information Bloc k chain Leasing companies Sale of auto Individuals Sale of data

The advantages of our system

Mileage count and reliable car history

All maintenance history always in one place

Synchronous interconnection of the industry participants

The potential of the platform due to a vast market

Ease of service

Search convenience

Community motivation


Stage 0
December 2016 – July 2018
The origin and development of the idea
  • December 2016
    the origin of the idea
  • January 2017 – June 2017
    writing a business plan and market analysis
  • June 2017 – December 2017
    development of the idea and the formation of a team
  • December 2017 – July 2018
    writing WP, Landing page creation
Stage 1
August 2018 – March 2019
Private sale of BKM tokens
  • The sale of BKM tokens to the first waiting list
  • The sale of BKM tokens to investors
  • The establishment of partnership collaborations
  • Bookmap Aggregator prototype development
Stage 2
April 2019 – April 2020
The development of MVP
  • Initiate development of MVP Bookmap Aggregator
    and the mobile Bookmap application
  • Attracting customers to the platform and
    signing contracts with car services
  • Setting up a platform
    for selling advertisement
  • Launch of MVP and a mobile application
    on the Estonian market
Stage 3
May 2020 – August 2020
Baltic market
  • Entering the Baltic market: Latvia, Lithuania
  • Entrance of BKM tokens to stock exchanges
  • Initiate development of Bookmap CRM for car service stations
  • Involving automotive manufacturers, transport departments, and dealer car services for obtaining registration number data and Vin-code data and recording these data into blockchain
Stage 4
September 2020 – February 2021
Implementation of blockchain technologies and preparation of the
platform for paying for services in BKM token
  • Development of infrastructure for storing the
    entire maintenance history on blockchain (Hyperledger)
  • Integration of Bookmap Mileage Counter
  • Development of Bookmap Car History Checker
  • Development of personal wallets
    for storing BKM tokens - Bookmap Wallet
  • Development of external exchange
    of tokens Bookmap Change
  • Development of the Bookmap
    Smartpay payment system
Stage 5
March 2021 – November 2022
Expansion and involving related services to Bookmap
  • Entering the market of 17 biggest European cities
  • Aggregation of related services to increase traffic (insurance companies, spare parts stores, rental of "green" cars, "green" taxi)
  • Involving related services to using BKM token
  • Development of Bookmap Assistant
Stage 6
December 2022
Expansion beyond Europe
  • Expansion to the global market:
    Asia, Russia and America
  • Creation of own car sales
    sites with reliable history

Allocation of
BKM tokens

14% Exchange reserve
8% Partners and advisors
59% Public sale
15% Team
2% Bounty
2% Airdrop

Allocation of
Funds Attracted

5% Security
2% Legal support
33% Marketing
40% Scaling
20% IT developments


What will you do with the cars that have the reduced/ unreliable mileage?

In that case, we do not guarantee the reliability of the mileage, but we can guarantee that the mileage of those cars that are connected to Bookmap Mileage Counter will not be changed again.

How are you going to improve the situation with regard to mileage on the secondary automotive market, since cars with already-changed mileage can get into your system?

In the near future Bookmap plans include building partnership with vehicle manufacturers and major car service stations, as well as supplying cars with necessary equipment.

What will large car manufacturers benefit from a partnership with Bookmap for transmitting data on mileage?

By collaborating with Bookmap on data exchange, automobile concerns will enhance their reputation, since Bookmap will record all the data received in blockchain, thereby improving the situation on the secondary automotive market as a whole. Also, statistics on breakages of post warranty vehicles (big data) available from Bookmap will be extremely useful to car manufacturers. Such a data exchange will comply with all Regulations on Personal Data Protection.

How will the Bookmap project work?

  • The percentage of profits on deals that will be made via Bookmap Aggregator.
  • Advertising sales on the Bookmap platform.
  • The subscription fee for the extended version of Bookmap CRM.
  • Selling full reports on car history on blockchain.

By when will token vary on cryptocurrency stock exchange?

BKM token will enter several public cryptocurrency stock exchanges within 30 days after the completion of ICO.

Which platforms will support your mobile application?

Android, iOS.

What blockchain solutions are you going to use for data storage?

HyperLedger, since it is already adapted to the needs of business solutions on blockchain.

How to pay for car services through Bookmap without having any BKM tokens?

To pay for services in Bookmap, automatic purchase of BKM tokens from cryptocurrency stock exchange using visa/mastercard is provided.

Strategic partners

Car services